Mental Health for All Report

In this report, you will see the comprehensive mental health support provided to every New Yorker – broken into five groups that we are focused on as we recover from COVID-19:

  1. Our students and young people. The past year has profoundly affected our children who have been subject to isolation, different forms of learning, and loss in their families and communities. 

  2. Our communities of color. COVID-19 didn’t create inequities in mental health care – it revealed and exacerbated them. We will continue to bring additional resources to communities that have been underserved for decades. 

  3. New Yorkers who want or need help for substance misuse. The opioid crisis hasn’t gone away – and substance misuse has, for many, get worse during COVID-19. 

  4. New Yorkers with serious mental illness (SMI). The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult to stay connected to care. New initiatives help avert crises and provide long-term care that promotes real stability in people’s lives. 

  5. Every New Yorker who needs help. Everyone has been affected in some way by this past year, and our mission is to go into our communities to ensure every person has the support they need.