Geriatric Mental Health Initiative

New Yorkers age 60 and older can get mental health screenings, on-site counseling, and referrals at senior centers near them. Provided by Department for the Aging (DFTA) and Mayor's Office of Community Mental Health.

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What it is

If you’re an older adult who needs mental health support, you can speak to a mental health clinician at a senior center near you.

Mental health clinicians can screen you for depression, provide on-site counseling, and give referrals. They can also talk to you about anxiety and depression.

Who it’s for

Adults who are age 60 or older can see a mental health clinician.



How to get in touch

Find a senior center with a mental health clinician

  • Search for “Geriatric Mental Health” under Services.
  • Choose a location from the results and call them for more information.

Call AGING Connect at 212-244-6469 and ask about Geriatric Mental Health