Mission: VetCheck

Mission: VetCheck connects veterans to trained volunteers through one-on-one supportive check-in calls. Provided by NYC Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) and Mayor’s Office of Community Mental Health (OCMH).

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What it is

As a veteran, you can request a supportive check-in call from a trained volunteer through Mission: VetCheck. Check-ins give you one-on-one support and help you get information on accessing vital public services like:

  • mental health resources
  • free meals
  • COVID-19 vaccine locations
  • housing
  • emergency financial assistance

VetCheck check-ins are not a substitute for immediate or life-threatening concerns. For acute needs, volunteers can connect veterans to the Department of Veterans’ Services outreach team who can provide more intensive support.

Who it’s for

Mission: VetCheck is available to veterans across New York City.



How to get in touch

Request a Check-in by filling out this form. Check-ins happen weekly.

If you’d like to volunteer with Mission: VetCheck, you can sign up here.